Extract string before the last symbol of a file path

Hi. I want to extract a string before the last symbol in a file path “" for an example path “C:\Users\AAAA\Downloads\Testfile.xlsx” but keep getting to after the last symbol using this InputPath.Substring(InputPath.LastIndexOf(”")+"".Length).Split(Environment.NewLine.ToCharArray)(0) which returns the string Testfil.xlsx. Can anyone suggest a correct command please?

Hi @ciaramkm
did u need to extract the filename from filepath given ?

No just the filepath before the last \ given

Can u provide an example of the data u need to extract , i am still not cleared

Input: C:\Users\AAAA\Downloads\Testfile.xlsx

Output: C:\Users\AAAA\Downloads

Hi @ciaramkm
use this method


This will give the output like this

Nived N
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Inputpath.substring(0,(Inputpath.lastindexof(“”))) can also be used.

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