Extract row values from MongoDB

I have a table in MongoDB. From that I want to extract all the row values of the row named “responsibility_Name” into a collection whose value starts with “GLB”. PFA the image for reference.

Kindly help me out with it soon.

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Hi Buddy @pritha.kundu
Currently we dont have any specific activity to connect with MONGO db from UiPath
and we need to develop a custom assembly for that to get connected…hope UiPath is getting towards that…
for more info

Cheers @pritha.kundu

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This may be useful: Mongo DB CRUD | Devpost

Note, its not an official UiPath activity, but worth a try. Otherwise you could export the data to a JSON file and work with it in UiPath from that point.


Hi @pritha.kundu,
If you are able to copy the text from this output then you could use Regex on it to catch values.

I have used this same activity for doing MongoDB tasks. But these activities have the filter in the basis of extracting multiple rows. I am not able to fetch the whole data into a collection. Please help me with that.