Extract multiple tables from a pdf


Can anyone help me with how to extract multiple tables from a pdf and write them into an excel file.

Can you send an sample Pdf file which is having multiple tables.

Due to security reasons, I can’t share the pdf. I’m attaching a sample pdf that I downloaded from internet for you reference. However, the pdf which i have has only headers unlike the one that I have attached, this document has merged cells in first row.PDFTables_12142005.pdf (60.8 KB)

Hai Manjusha

You can use read pdf text write to datatable.
Then from the datatable, you can use pattern matched to determine where is you table header.


I have used start process activity to open the pdf file and data scraping wizard to extract the table. With data scraping wizard i’m able to extract the table but not able to extract all the tables.

Could you please share the xaml file with the approach that you have suggested. T.I.A :slight_smile:

Can you explain how to check for the match in pattern.