Extract dynamic text from a PDF

Dear, I have the following problem.
I need to extract transactions from a account statement, the problem is that there are statements in which the same amount of movements does not come, so the movements are variable.

Example 1:

I need to find the way that regardless of the number of transactions if I have one transaction or twenty transactions, it pulls all the transactions from the page.

thanks in advance.

Hi @msaavedra

Would it help to extract the text from the entire page and then post-process it (let’s say, with Regex), to get the data?


Hi @loginerror

Can you please share the tutorial link of ReGex available on UI Academy.


Hi @msaavedra
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Use Read PDF Text Activity to read the pdf and store it in an output variable.
Now Take an assign activity and write this for another variable. let’s say
transactions=System.Text.RegularExpressions.Regex.Match(output variable,"(?sim)(?<=word before your transaction).*(?=word after your transaction)").value
Every time it will extract the text which is in between those two words.

Hope this helps.
Happy Automation!