Extract datatable from pdf and write in excel

Good morning, I tried to extract a datatable from pdf and write it to excel. Tried several solutions from the forum but did nog work. Most of the times I got 1 cell with all the information. Tried also the PDFtoEcel package but did not work either. Who can help me with this problem? Thanks Michel

Hi @mrusman,
It’s not an easy task ash PDF have different file structure where table is defined completely different than in excel. Additionally PDF can have data not only written as a text but embedded as an image. Having this you need to check what is in your case and then try to work with “hidden” elements. If pdf represents data in table for sure there is some space/delimiter between each “cell”. Use this to divide data and define in process that each line divided by this should go to separate excel cell. Sometimes it required to work with data line by line or even cell by cell instead of grabbing whole data at once and pushing it to the desired document.