Extract data from xml to a datatable

Hi team ,

Please help me with xml to a datatable conversion.
Get Remit-to Connection Output - Copy.xml (2.6 KB)

Please find the xml attached.

Usecase -

I want to extract ID and bank account of all the wd:Remit-To_Connections as I have highlighted in the image.

I want the final value in datatable as -

Please help me with this.


Cross Reference:

In case of you need further help so elaborate on

  • what was done so far
  • what is in detail not working
  • where are the blockers to apply the learnings from the other helped topics on this case - especially the handling of XML Namespaces for the retrieval


Building Blocks:


Thank you ppr for this.

Also , in the below xml file , I want to change the value of wd:Add_Only=“true” to “false”
How do I achieve that ?

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

xmlns:xsd=“w7.org - contact with domain owner | Epik.com”>

        <wd:ID wd:type="Supplier_Invoice_Reference_ID">SUPPLIER_INVOICE-23472</wd:ID>



Hi Gokul,

we do see some XML-related topics which are still open, but answered and in general solved within the same approach already shared with you.

Set up the XNamespace and use it for retrieval. The way how to do it and exploration techniques you will find in our several answers.

May we ask you for the following:

  • keep it strict to 1 case = 1 Topic, so other researchers can find quick solutions for the same case

  • mark solved topics as described here:
    Forum FAQ - How to mark a post as a solution

  • go through your different XML-related topics and work on the concepts (e.g. Namespaces, Descendants method, … ) to get more familiar with the general concepts

Thanks for support

Sure.First of all thanks a lot for all the support . I have marked solution for all the previous ones.
I wanted to keep the xml discussions in one thread only but forum closes the topic after 3 days and I have to create a new one when a different question arises.I will keep this one open till all my xml queries are resolved.hope that is fine.

Do let me know if I deviate from any of the points mentioned by you.

For the above query ,
I am extracting namespace - “urn:com.workday/wfwf”
for “wd:Add_Only” to make it “false” - I am not getting how to do that.

Can you please help if possible.



find starter help:

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Thanks a lot @ppr
Would remember your advice.


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