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Hi everyone .
How can i extract one sheet in file excel and compare with value from pdf file . If they have common value , so write to another sheet in another excel file(output file) ? Please help me…Thank you so much !

Hello @hmduy
Kindly Provide some sample inputs for better understanding, which help us to provide you better sollution.

I have 3 files pdf and will extract data , i also have one file Excel with 2 sheets to extract data . After extract data , i will compare data from pdf file to data from excel sheet (each file to each sheet ) . Then write info of data that equal to Output.xlsx

@hmduy please follow these steps.
1-Use read range activity to read data and store in DT1
2- make clone of DT1 as DT2
3- Use for each over DT1 and put put if inside loop.
4- In condition match values.
5- if found then use add data row activity and give that line to DT2

Hello @hmduy

Please confirm the data which you are writing from pdf and the excel template to which you are comparing are having a similar structure. I mean the column structure.


Hi everyone , can you give me a solution to matching data from PDF file with data from Excel file . And write the matched data to another file Excel (output file)

Hi @hmduy

Can you share us sample input and output?


Hello @hmduy

Are you trying to get some value from the pdf and then trying to search that particular value in an excel. If any matches then write that row to an another excel?

Is that the requirement? If yes, you can use read range and get the value to the datatable.
Then use Filter datatable activity. There in the condition you can give the value from the pdf.

Then use Append range to write the filtered data to the new excel.


It’s mean i extract data from PDF and Write range to another excel file , and then match them together ?

File PDF :
File Excel (Check out_Tei sheet) .
I want to match data from “Cargo Description” column from PDF to "Search Key words " column in Excel file . The Data from pdf file contains the value same data from Excel

sorry for missing . File Excel here :
Master.xlsx (33.4 KB)

Ok…So it means after writing the data to excel, you need to do a excel to excel comparison ryt. Then you can watch the below video. It will help to compare 2 excels and to get the similar and dissimilar rows.

How about when i extracted data from pdf and do not need output to Excel . After that i compare with excel file

So does that mean you are getting some value from pdf and you need to compare in excel?

Then you can use the Filter datatable activity and then pass the value from pdf to the filter datatable activity.

Then you can check the number of rows in the filtered table.