Extract BLOB File contains image and save it to local disk

I have a database in which table contains image file. My task is to retrieve and save it in a directory. How can I extract those images and save it in a file. I can extract the data in text format but when the data is in image I am getting this following output.
Plzz help me out!

HI @sarvesh.b

Check this once and also look into activities in the left side too i think some will help you



Can you tell me more details like which Database it is?


For each row you must convert the EMP column (Bytes) to image and save it to disk
Use Assing activity
byteArrayImg = CType(row(“EMP”), Byte())
img = Image.FromStream(new MemoryStream(byteArrayImg))
variable img is an image type
Then use SaveImage activity to save it

I had first connected a oracle database, then I had executed a query of select * from table name. In that table the data is in image as well as in text. So the text format data can be extracted but the image format data could not be extracted as it is showing the following output. I want to save that image and text in a file in local disk


What is the variable of byteArrayImg ?

excuseme for delay.
byteArrayImg is type Array of bytes.
Do you have a solution?

Yess bro it works. The image is getting save in a folder.
But what if the blob datatype contains text and it wants to save like a image in a folder.

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