Expression error

Hi team

My problem statement is to take input numbers and seperate by comma post 16 digit however I am using this expression but not able to excute

Can some help me in resolving the expression Plzz

String.Join(",",Enumerable.Range(0,CInt(InputText.Length/16)+1).Select(Function (x) String.Join("",InputText.Skip(x*16).Take(16).toarray)).toArray)

When I excute I am getting error as end of expression expected.

Request you to please help me resolving the same

I tested the statement and did not get a validation error. can you share screenshot or XAML with us. Thanks


Kindly find the screenshot

plase share in a form that we can see the entire statement



Error ERROR Validation Error Compiler error(s) encountered processing expression ““output”,String.Join(”,",Enumerable.Range(0,CInt(InputText.Length/16)+1)(Select(Function (x) String.Join("",InputText.Skip(x*16).Take(16).toarray)).toArray)".
End of expression expected.

give a try:
remove the term output or do a correct concatenation of “output” + Str…

@ppr I am getting error object reference not set to instance of an object as

I guess you are trying something like this the input box:
SliceStringBySegmentSize_V2.xaml (5.5 KB)

For reference not set issues go for debuging and inspect the values of variables. Also check the definition scopes

I am getting Something like this which is shown in the screenshot
However the scope of definition is crt it is defined to entire sequence.

i assume that in the variable panel Input… is the Variable InputText that you are using for the statement. Here you can directly see thatg it is null and cause the issue. A valid value is to assign to the ariable before using it.

Yeah it is taking as null

Soo how do I assign variable

this ping pong is not effectively. Can you share your XAML?

How to share call??could u help me if I copy it is just copying error with expression

How to assign variable??


Kndly find the xaml file attachedSequence1.xaml (4.6 KB)

find reviewed XAML:
Sequence1_V2.xaml (5.7 KB)

the wrong variable was used and so the entered data from first input dialog was ignored / not used.
Also have a look on the approach with options as dropdown