Expression editor is always wrong

I’ve only been working with UIPath for a short time now, but I have noticed several UI peculiarities that drive me nuts because they are so wrong it’s unpossible* that anyone could have programmed them this way on purpose. They do not match UI/UX norms, are not intuitive, and incredibly distracting. Instead of programming, I find myself fighting with the UI.

The Expression editor is one such thing. Whenever I open it, it defaults to the right most part (ie right justified) of the text block. This has never been useful, nor can I ever imagine a use-case where this would be useful. Even in a long expression, there’s no reason to start right justified.

The expression editor should start left justified, like every other text editor that works with English, or English based programming languages.

This is what I am referring to is the problem:
uipath expression editor always wrong

This is how it should popup:

uipath expression edtiro should start this way

I’m using the community edition.

*Unpossible: that which should have been impossible, but clearly just happened, so therefore cannot be impossible.

Although i do not appreciate the way you communicate, this bug i can relate to, it is really annoying…

@bcorrea Tell me more, because you’re not the only one like that on The Internet, and I can’t figure out what the problem is.

Thank you for your suggestion. I added it to our internal ideas tracker for our team to consider.

Fully agree with this. We’ll look into it. Thank you.