Exporting PPT to PDF and then converting to image and creating video

My output file is in PPT format. I have converted the PPT to PDF. Now, I wanted to know is there a way I can export pdf (Multiple Pages) as images & can create a Video using Studio X? Video creation can be even from PPT. Is there a way to achieve this? Your help would be greatly appreciable!. Thank you!.

Hi @bhaskar_a1 ,

i think there is no inbuilt activity to convert PPT to video. But we can follow some simple steps to export the PPT to video file. For this we can use Ui automation on Studiox to achieve this requirement. please refer the below steps from Microsoft to export the PPT to video file. my suggestion is instead of creating PDF from PPT directly we can export the PPT to video. thanks.


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Hi @bhaskar_a1

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Hi @kirankumar.mahanthi1
we can able to convert ppt into pdf using powershell


Hi @Robinnavinraj_S ,

@bhaskar_a1 already converted the PPT to pdf. More of his question is like how to convert the pdf to video or directly from pot to video. Share your suggestion on this requirement. Thanks.


Sry @kirankumar.mahanthi1

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Thank you @kirankumar.mahanthi1 I will try this out. Thank you for your quick turnaround

Thank you @Robinnavinraj_S. No worries.

Your welcome @bhaskar_a1

By the way @kirankumar.mahanthi1 I am aware of creating the video from PPT. I am trying to do it via StudioX

Hi @bhaskar_a1 ,

We have to automate the manual steps on creating video from PPT using ui automation in studiox.

Since Studiox is no code platform and designed for business users better we have to go with Ui automation.

But if you still want to do it in technical way the latest version of studiox have capabilities to enable the show developer in activities panel so that you will get invoke code activity in the studiox. in this case please refer the below link which is having steps in vb code to convert ppt files to mp4 video format. please look into it and implement this code in invoke code. thanks.


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