Export to PDF - Word 2013 - Save Dialog in Word

As part of my automated process, I create documents based on a template and use Replace Text (the one without Word application scope) to enter the right data. And then save it as a PDF within a Word Application Scope.

On my Dev machine I run Office 365 and it works flawlessly. On the client’s computer Word 2013 is installed and every time UIPath tries save it as PDF, it doesn’t close the Word document but keeps it open on a dialog box asking if I want to save my changes.

Is there a way around this? The only thing I can come up with quickly is to add a click event after my Save as PDF activity.

Any help appreciated.



Hello @Jan_van_Eijck,

Have you tried Export to PDF Activity?


Yes, it is the Export to PDF activity that I am using. But when closing the Word scope, Word asks me if I want to Save the document and the flow faults on closing there.

So, I have some added activities that send a Alt-F4 hotkey, then check if the Message box with the Save Dialog pops up, and then Clicks 'Yes".

But I don’t like the ugliness of this solution and it makes the process very slow, especially because I also have to enter a Delay Before value in the Hotkey activity to prevent it from wanting to close something else.

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You need to change Word settings → Options → Trust Center → Trust Center Settings → Privacy Options. There is a section “Document-specific settigns” - uncheck "Warn before printing, saving or sending a file that contains tracked changes or comments.