Exit excel when found the Last row fullfiled

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please I need Help,

How to exit excel when arrived to the last row of a column on an excel file ?

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@ifranity - Did you try this?

Did you use for each row loop?
1.Store excel data into data table
2.loop data table using for each row.

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No I use only for each and I try to read each item and use the item into a browser. What I want is to stop the process after the last row.


Do you want to jump out of the loop after the last row?
or do you want to kill the process or excel after the last row?

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I want to kill excel and the browser after the last row use.


Hi @ifranity

  1. Have a row count variable assign total number of rows to it datatable.rows.count
  2. Have a counter variable starting from zero increase it by 1 after every row in loop
  3. if these two have equal values than use kill process activity to kill excel and browser


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