Execution of a PHP script present in a file on the remote server directory

hi guys,
I am new to RPA. I am using uipath community edition.
I want to execute my php script present on a remote sever directory.
I am able to connect to a remote server using ‘with ftp activity’ but cannot find activities for php scripts.i think i have to create a custom activity for that,please suggest me some alternate solutions.


Welcome to the UIpath Community.

As of now, we don’t have any built in activities in UIpath to run PHP scripts.

hi lakshman,
thanks for your reply,
so what could be done to solve this.

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Sorry. No idea on this. Let’s wait for others replies.

Hi @himalaya1

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And thats a good question to start with
Hope this could help you on this


Hi @Palaniyappan
yeah this could help to solve my problem but i dont have command on .net ,as custom activity could be written on .net only