Executing SQL query using UIPath



Hi Guys. Need your help here!!
I am having two columns which has to be multiplied and the result should be stored in a new column.
I used

When I use UPDATE Sheet1$ SET Totalcost=Units*CostofProduction I am getting error

Compiler error encountered while executing expression UPDATE Sheet1$ SET Totalcost=Units*CostofProduction. end of expression expected.

sample.xaml (15.2 KB)

I am here attaching the workflow that I did till now, expecting your valuable suggestions. Thanx in advance guys…

my DB
units costofproduction totalcost
30 1567 NULL
15 10787 NULL
12 10982 NULL

Hows do task


Have you tried to add " on your expression?

Like: “update Sheet1$ SET Totalcost=Units*CostofProduction;”

Hope It Helps :smiley:



I already got it. Anyway tanx a lot… :slight_smile: