Executing SQL query using UIPath

Hi Guys. Need your help here!!
I am having two columns which has to be multiplied and the result should be stored in a new column.
I used

When I use UPDATE Sheet1$ SET Totalcost=Units*CostofProduction I am getting error

Compiler error encountered while executing expression UPDATE Sheet1$ SET Totalcost=Units*CostofProduction. end of expression expected.

sample.xaml (15.2 KB)

I am here attaching the workflow that I did till now, expecting your valuable suggestions. Thanx in advance guys…

my DB
units costofproduction totalcost
30 1567 NULL
15 10787 NULL
12 10982 NULL


Have you tried to add " on your expression?

Like: “update Sheet1$ SET Totalcost=Units*CostofProduction;”

Hope It Helps :smiley:


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I already got it. Anyway tanx a lot… :slight_smile:

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