Executing gmail processes without robot

For processes where mail processing is automated, is there a way to do this completely unattended from the Orchestrator? For example, a process where a gmail account is monitored for a mail from a particular user and if the criteria matches, a reply is sent.

Can this be done without a machine as all the processing needs to be done on the gmail server alone?

is there an option to design such a process in uipath studio?..upload it to orchestrator and let the process run without having to define an environment (robots running on machines)?

Yes, you can

You need to use smtp mail message activity and provide all the account details for which account you want to moniter and then check in the local if it is working, then publish to the orchestrator. Both sending and retrieving mails can be done by providing the details


Check below post

Hope your questions got answered


Hello THejwal,
In this video I do a lot of stuff with Gmail:

1:00 Gmail configuration inside settings
2:50 Read Emails and Send Emails
10:30 Filters for emails
17:40 Trigger for Orchestrator
23:30 Google script add data on Orchestrator Queue and start UiPath process


Cristian Negulescu