executeQuery with some numeric changes

Hi, This question is more SQL than UiPath

I have in DDBB the header “NUM” with value “1234.56” When I put this into an excel file appears the same value but excel take this value ass String.

I need to change this to “1.234,56” Point to demilit thousands and commas for decimals.
And i want to do it dyrectly on the Query.

Ive tried CONVERT( float, NUM , 1 ) AS NUM. But it’s giving me 1234,56. and I need the point in thousands. (1.234,56)

I hope you can help me with this.
Thank you.

Hi @KevinDS

You can do this conversion in the query itself. I have done it in SQL Server sometime back. Below is a query sample which you can use in your scenario to do in UiPath.

DECLARE @Amount DEC(18,2)
SET @Amount = 1025040.23
select [Standard] = cast(format(@Amount, 'N', 'en-US') as varchar(20)) 

The output of this is: 1,025,040.23

If its in MySQL Use below
SELECT FORMAT(1235332.1,4);

If this works out for you, please mark the answer as the solution so anyone seeking for such solutions to be done using Uipath will also benefit from it :slight_smile: