Execute Query: ERROR ORA-00936, an expression is missing

Hello I am doing tests to make an update on a database and I get the error “Execute Query: ERROR [HY000] [Oracle] [ODBC] [Ora] ORA-00936: an expression is missing”
It is a simple process, in which I read an excel, assign it and perform the update, but it gives me an error. any idea what can it be?

Greetings and thank you.

“UPDATE archivos2 a
SET a.empleado =@EMPLEADO
Where a.id = @ID

Hi @Aguirre

Please refer to the screenshot below.


Hello and thanks for the help, now I get this error.
the two numbers that appear above are the ones read from the excel file and that I want to insert.
Captura de pantalla 2021-07-06 a las 14.17.17

Hi @Aguirre

Can you send me your xaml If its Possible or else screen shot of your workflow!


Hi @Aguirre

Use Insert Query like below.

insert into “your table name”(‘yourColumn names’) values (‘your column values’)


Hello I just tried it and it has inserted me into the table, I am going to prepare the .xaml for you

Captura de pantalla 2021-07-06 a las 14.40.07

The problem that was using the wrong activity, to perform “Update” you have to use “Execute NON Query”. I work with an Oracle database
Thanks for the help @pravin_calvin
Captura de pantalla 2021-07-08 a las 8.11.49

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