Execute Query Error - "not all variables bound"


I am getting this error in Execue Query activity. Does anyone have a solution?

Hi @AJ0207,

Can you please share the query or xaml file if possible.


Hi @anmolk171! I am working with Arjun. We can’t share the xaml or query due to privacy constraints.
We’ve created one Database Connection whose output is stored in a Database Connection variable. We’re using that variable as an existing connection in Execute Query activity. Can use of double quotes “” affect the query execution?


can you share the screenshot of the error or what you exactly trying to achieve.
are you trying to disconnect the connection ?
are you trying to use that Existing Connection.

Hi @AJ0207,

You need to give the query in double quotes.
Before you can run that query & check whether it was performing or not.

Hi @vasundhara.sharma, @AJ0207

Yes you need to pass the query in double quotes and It will be good if you can check the connections and the privileges of database.



“Select * from Dbo.TableName”

Hi @Vijay_Tulsalkar!
Arjun has already shared the screenshot of the error. I have an existing database connection I am using to execute the query and it is giving “not all variables bound” error.
I have strings in my database query and I think that is problem.

I am using NVL function in my query for which I have to use double quotes. Can that be the reason of this error?

You can use Escape Characters, if u wanna escape " the use “”

if you share your Query it will be much beneficial