Execute Non Query: Data type mismatch in criteria expression Datatable to Database

I am trying to insert rows from a datatable to database using the insert query in a for each row activity. There are few columns in the Datatable which have both null and non-null values. While running the code I am getting “Execute Non Query: Data type mismatch in criteria expression” error due to the blank rows (data type being System.DBnull).

Is there any way I can insert both null and non-null values from the datatable to database. The parameters that I have defined are as follows:

From google:
This error indicates that Access cannot match an input value to the data type it expects for the value. For example, if you give Access a text string when it is expecting a number, you receive a data type mismatch error.

You can adjust your database to accept null values.

The database has been adjusted to accept null values. However, I am facing this error when I am trying to execute an insert statement and passing the values as parameters.