Execute Macro Doesn't work

Dear UIPath community,

I made a simple process where I’m using the “Execute Macro” activity inside an “WindowScope” activity inside “ExcelApplicationScope”.

I made an xlsx Excel file with a simple macro in it “Tableau1”.
Each time I start the robot my Excel file opened and then I get this error :

  • unable to run the macro “Tableau1”, it may be unvailable in this workbook or all macro are disabled.

Is anyone know what could be wrong here ?
I already try all solution found with internet …

Hi @hubert_leleu

Go the excel settings and trust centreSettings —> macro settings—> enable macros


thanks for you’re help sadly I already do it

Hi @hubert_leleu

Refer the thread below for how to use execute macro!


OK my bad … I was thinking macro = PowerQuery and not VBA
thanks for your help

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