Exchange Application Scope Authentication Protocol Support Deprication - Basic Authentication

Microsoft has announced that basic authentication will be removed for Exchange online services. Does anyone know if authentication protocol in use for the exchange application scope? We are using username/password/servername for all our exchange authentication today and are concerned this will stop working.

Robert, are you using Office 365? If so, try to change to Authentication type

Office 365 settings

ApplicationId - The ID of your Azure Active Directory Application. This field supports only strings and String variables.
AuthenticationType - The authentication options for Office 365. The available options are:
UserNameAndPassword - Standard Username and Password Login.
Interactive - Interactive Token (Auth 2.0).
Windows Integrated - Integrated Windows Authentication.

DirectoryId - The ID of your Azure Active Directory. This field supports only strings and String variables.

We are not currently using the O365 connection settings for the Exchange Application Scopes. This requires further steps to integrate with O365. We have this setup for other interaction and have been testing for SharePoint etc but was not our initial approach on 50+ automation projects. That could certainly be the solution, however, I am hoping we don’t have to modify all of our code to change our Exchange App scopes in every instance.