Exception thrown by target of invocation when trying to assign output of get text to a row of a data table

I would love it if someone could help. I am new to uipath.

Here is my task: From a web-based directory of people, I am scraping the URLs for each person’s profile into a data table. Then I need a loop to go to each link, get the email address listed there, then write it back to the data table in a new column. All seems to go well until the part where I am assigning the email to the data table’s row. I get the error “Assign: Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation.”

I am uploading the workflow but since it’s a password protected site it may not help. Still, maybe someone can determine where I am going wrong by visual inspection. Happy to post any additional error info here.

One relevant piece of information might be that the very first profile link has no email address listed.
IterateThruParentSquare.xaml (22.5 KB)


Can you check number of columns in your datatable using write line activity as the following image?


If it’s less than 4, ExtractDataTable.rows(counter)(3) will throw because there is no column(3) .


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Great point. This got me on the right path. Thank you so much for helping a newbie out.

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