i have datatable in sheet2 , there is the column name as S.no in that sheet … now i want to count the number of data available in that column … just i want to take the count … how do i do that ?


Can we try like this

Dt.rows.count +1( add header is unchecked)
Dt.rows.count+2( add headers is checked)

Reference: Count all rows with values in one column in Excel


Hi @poojaskyrathore ,

Please try the below steps. thanks.

  1. Use work book read range activity and assign your excel and sheet2 so that you would get all the rows of sheet2 in Data table.

  2. if you want to know the count for the rows which is having values we should go for filter data table activity and assing your data table from above and use filter like below to get the ouput data table with rows which is having only values.

  1. Get the row count from the filtered table for the S.No column by using following expression.