Excel workbook problem

i have 2 excel workbook … both are different when it comes to column … only one column is common in both workbooks…(i.e mat description column)

mat description in workbook 1 has some 12 line items.
mat description in workbook 2 has some 7 line items.

i want to keep only those line items which are common in both workbooks … how can i do that ?

Hi Check this below link, may be useful.


  1. Let’s say you have two input DataTables named dt1 and dt2.

  2. And then try below expression to get the required output.

dtOutput = ( From row1 in dt1 Join row2 in dt2 on row1("mat").ToString.Trim.Equals(row2("mat").ToString.Trim) Select dtOutput.Rows.Add({row1("Column1").ToString, row1("Column2").ToString, ...row2("Column1").ToString, row2("Column2").ToString...})).CopyToDataTable

Note: Mention all the required columns from both the tables.

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Hi @poojaskyrathore ,

Have you Tried using Join Datatable Activity by Selecting Inner as the Join type and The Mat Decription as the Column Names of Both Datatables ?

Assuming that you want to Join based on the Mat Description Column.

can you connect with me … through zoom … so that i can explain you my requirement?

can you connect with me through zoo so that i can explain you my whole requirement ?