Excel with email

I have a usecase like i am having a excel with persons details with email ids , but some email ids are repeated but the column values are different for those . Now i need to sent the single email with all the row values for those repeated email ids . Please on it

Please find the attached image for reference

Filter data table on EMailID using Filterdatatable activity. Output of this will give all the rows containg that particular EMaild

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Hi Muralidhar thanks for your response , but here my requirement is that for all repetative email ids the mail should go only once by adding all the row values regarding that mail id and for remaining unique email ids it should go seperately

Please find the image of expected output in body of mail

Order the table by e-mail.
Create an loop for each row.
Create an if condition, where you check if the current email is the same from the previous row (or you can also check if the next row email is the same from the current one…as you prefer)
So, if the the email is the same you don’t send the e-mail and keep adding data to it. If the email is not the same, you can send the email and go to the nest email ID.
Once you ordered the table by email, it should work pretty well.

Do it like this
First retrieve total email ids without repeated using
Datatable.DefaultView.Totable(True,“EMAIL ID”) ------From mail Datatable say DT1
It will give u Email IDs in datatable Say: DT2
Then use
For Each Row for That Datatable
In that use Filter Datatatble For
Input: DT1 Output : Dt3
In that give condition
EMAIL ID = Row(0).ToString
It will give you only data of that email id
now you can use Mail Activity