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I have data in excel. I want to check whether the data is empty or not using uipath. if its empty its should trigger a mail. how I can check in the entire sheet.


1)Use Read range activity(dt)
2) In if condition check dt.Rows.count =0
Than use mail activity to send

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Can you Pls give one demo bot and send it to me?

checkexcel.xaml (7.7 KB)


I am unable see the activitiy in UIpath can you share the screenshot.



I have to check for each and every cell. not the entire row.

if the Material group column null its should trigger.

then in if condition :-
row(“Material group”) .tostring.trim=""
then use mail activity

For every column, is I need to give seperate if condition.

for Material row(“Material”) .tostring.trim=""

@Abudhahir Can you please share the scenario what exactly you are looking for because in the thread which you created is to check empty but now you are posting for single cell so can you please elaborate the scenario.

I have in the excel multiple sheets like article creation, Item price, Po creation and etc.

I have to check the each sheet. whether its contains the data or not.

if the data containing null values its should trigger a mail

You mean to say first we need to check whether sheet having data or not if not then trigger the mail
if having data then we need to check whether material column having data or not ryt?

Yes. If the excel not containing data. should trigger a mail. not only material column. each and every it should read. and if found null data should trigger mail

ok then u should first check condition for sheet data which i have already told u then use assign activity for count of columns
then in for each row use while loop in which make one variable say A assign the defaukt value to it as 0
then cond for while loop willbe A<CountofColumn
in that then check if cond for
row(A).tostring.trim="" if yes then trigger the mail


Can you Pls give one demo bot and send it to me?123.xlsx (8.4 KB).

checkexcel.xaml (12.7 KB)

if u got solution from this pls mark it as solution


I am unable to view the bot. can you share the screenshot.

image image image

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