Excel - Using Database Activities


I am implementing Excel using Database connection activities, where my requirement is to add new columns to excel and post that I need to fetch the particular cell value from the worksheet.

  1. How to add columns to existing excel sheet using database activities/LINQ queries
  2. How can I read particular cell value of excel using database activities

Please help with me with the solution.

Kajal Singhal

Hey! Welcome to community!

Try this query to add the column to existing datatable

ALTER TABLE table_name
ADD column_name datatype;

For getting the particular cell value we can do like this:

SELECT columnName from table_name WHERE ColumnValue = 'value';



Thanks for quick reply,

  1. I tried the same thing: Adding column using Alter statement in Excel as a Database

But getting error as mentioned in link.

  1. I am getting datatable as output, when I try to fetch the row value from that datatable, it is again giving me error: Non-Invokable member, cannot be used as a method.

Please suggest.