Excel sorting

i need help please in Excel how can I Automate the Option Pres Ctrl A and sort from Largest to smallest for Column A ?

Hi @Nas


if you want to work with ShortCuts (Hotkeys) directly in Excel, try using

Crtl+A (select all)
Alt+V (change to the tab Data and it will be shown in excel which letter stands for Sort)
U (here is then sorted after the 1st column descending.

I use a German Excel, maybe you need some other Shortcuts.
You can finde some her:
(Keyboard shortcuts in Excel - Office Support)

If you process the data later, it might also be an idea to read it in and then sort it?

Hi @Nas ,

You can refer below video:

HI @MarioHerrmann thanks for the information as I miss to type the sorting and CTL +A that i need is in UIPath is coming from the data is extracted from web site as Xcel file ?

Hi @Nas

You can use a activity without opening the excel application

  1. Read range excel using workbook read range activity.
  2. Use sort datatable activity.
  3. write range the output datable.


Now I am a little confused :slight_smile:

Do you mean you want to “scrape” the data from a web page and save it as XLSX or do you mean you already have data from a web page as XLSX and know how to sort it?

opps sorry to Confuse you :smiley:

i already managed to get the data from the web site as Excel , now I need to ask the Robot to do CTRL +A then to Sort the Extracted Xcel file in First column from largest to smallest .

okay then I am mentally where you were :+1:

so as @pravin_calvin says you can either leave the xlsx closed and work with the DataTable or if you absolutely want to open it then you can use modern design activities or the classic ones.


  • Use Application/Browser
  • Keyboard Short-Cut (–> here you can press Rec and enter the above mentioned shortcuts one after the other, it’s self-explanatory)
  • Done
    The table is now sorted.


  • Excel Application Scope (okay it’s not really Classic but neutral but you know what I mean … it is an alternative :wink: )
  • Select Range
  • Send Hotkey (–> same as Keyboard Short-Cut only that you need a separate activity for each key combination)
  • Done
    Table is now sorted.

Does this help you?

thank you , useful information

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