Excel sorting by similar name

I m a beginner to Uipath.
I have an excel file and want to sort the data by grouping similar data together.
EG: Fruit Apple
Furniture Table
Fruit Mango
Furniture Chair
Stationary Pen
Fruit Gauva
Stationary Pensil

I want to sort the excel by grouping the data as follows:

 Fruit              Apple
 Fruit              Mango
 Fruit              Gauva
 Furniture       Table
 Furniture        Chair
 Stationary       Pen
 Stationary       Pensil

Thanks in advance.

1.) Read the data into a datatable variable using a Read Range activity.
2.) Use a Sort Datatable activity to sort by the first column (you can use the column name in quotes or the number 0 without quotes).
3.) Use Write Range to write the datatable to a spreadsheet.

Joyeux automation! :blush:

Hi @Veda_Ashrita,

Here is activity called “Sorting” . It has options to sort multiple columns.

Video demonstration.

Thank you

it worked. Thanks :slight_smile:

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It worked. but it is showing colour coding when the output file was sorted. Can I know why?

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Hi ,

Can you share the work flow and sample excel. ?

Thank you

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