Excel select specific sheets

Can anyone help me to select multiple sheets to edit specific cell. See below.

I have to select below mentioned sheets.

And Have to Edit cell which is already saved in formula for all.

After selecting these all sheets , need to copy K1 cell to paste in K2 cell.

Thank You in advanced.

I didn’t get your requirment. In your query you said “Excel select specific sheet”, but in the end of the question you have stated “All sheets”…

It would be great if you put clear requirement in your query…

Hey @prasath17 Thanks for respond.

I attached some pictures with sheet name that is not all sheets. I have more sheets which I dont have to select .

Shown in picture , those sheets I have to select and on one of the sheet Copy k1 cell and paste to k2. .

So all sheets affected and modification applied by this.

There is formula created so once change on any one sheet will change on all sheets which are selected .

Can you help me with the flow ? Thanks in advance.