Excel report content issue in Dynamics 365 report automated report download (Click/UI)

the StudioX automation I have developed generates over 10 reports based on Click Activity (Type NClick, Input mode Simulate) on the Dynamics 365 system customized views.
Last time my automation generated all those reports successfully and moved them to 2 folders (named by generation date an type). It said all run successfully. Still, not expected, it appeared that in some of those Excel reports some content was taken from another customized view and some reference ID columns were present but empty. I have never expected a content issue in automated reports generated by click. I thought that maybe automation selected another view close to the one requested (and my UI automation settings are just not always perfect) but, at the same time, the naming of the reports was correct (it showed correct view name but different content), so I guess it clicked the right view field.
I have checked historical report downloads from before the issue and I have also rerun the automation and,this time, both tests showed correct content so it is not a persistent error but makes the automation unreliable. So far I have not found any helpful community resources to solve this.
Could anyone help me to solve this issue to avoid it in the future? Any support would be appreciated! Kinga