Excel reading issues

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Flow of Workflow
Extract table from web page
Using For each Row
Detecting a value from the column A
Relating to the column A, the value corresponding to it that is if it is Column C then the Value from Column C is to be picked up.

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what exactly are you looking for?

In the for each row activity insert an IF activity with the following condition


row.item(“ColumnA”).tostring = row.item(“ColumnC”).tostring


Assign VAR = row.item(“ColumnC”).tostring



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@supu123 follow the below syntax


Mahaling Patil

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I want to check whether the Party column contains “The Financial” is yes then store the “case number” related to it in a variable

is the content after extract datatable in uipath

Mainly, The above image shows the column-1,column-2,… at the top
What are the steps and code to run the above process
please specify the expression related to it.

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Read the Collum and put it into a variable of strings. Then create a for each item of the colllum.
In this for each you make a if statement if the item.ToString.Contains(“THE VALUE YOU WANT”) Then write it away or save the First collum number.

As stated above, use a For Each loop on the datatable. Then an IF activity acting on each row to check if the word “Financial” appears:

The assign syntax is “row.Item(“Column-1”).ToString”

You can then use the Case Number as you wish, maybe saving to another datatable.