Excel - Pivot Table filtering - Unattended

Hello everyone,

I would like to filter a pivot table.

Here is what I have:

And what I want:


It seems the filtering activity does not work so instead I’m trying, within an Excel Application Scope, to do it manually.

So I use hotkey to navigate to the right sheet then to “B1” and type into “(vide)”.

It’s working fine as long as I’m in running it on the VM.

When I try to do it in unattended, nothing happen.

Any idea on how to change that ? Or even an onther way to do it ?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile: !

Hi @Geoffroy_Pantegnies ,

We do not recommend to perform UI operations for Excel related activities as there are already Excel activities that we could make use of to perform in the Background.

Just let us know what is the operation that you want to perform and what is the expected output, we could suggest the appropriate options that way.

You can use Invoke VBA code activity to filter the pivot table.

Thanks for your answer !

I would like to filter the column B in B1 for the pivot table starting in A3 in order to have “(empty)” instead of “(All)”
I tried with the activity “Filter datatable” but it did not work.
do you have an other activity in mind ?

I’d love too but I don’t know much about VBA and from what I’ve found I was not able to make it work.
If you could share some tips I’ll gladly take them !

@Geoffroy_Pantegnies ,

Could you let us know what was the configuration done in the Filter Datatable activity ?

Also, Check the Data read from the Pivot Data as well if it is the right data.

I’ve also tried with “B1”

Unlike the classic filter data table, I don’t need to read the data before as it will select the table.