Excel Pivot Filter how to uncheck blank data

I am using Studio X
Hi everyone I am using the excel pivot filter and I can’t find a way to uncheck the blank data in pivot beside using clicking is there a another possible way to uncheck the blank data in pivot filter??


Did you happen to try this?


Try with Type.Missing in the filter


do you have sample vb expression for this?


this is hoe it looks…

as pivot does not have not equals you can filter on all the values in required column leaving blank


Hello @flashdrive07

  1. Add “Set Filter” Activity to your StudioX workflow.

  2. Configure the “Set Filter” Activity:

    • Indicate the pivot filter you want to modify by selecting it in Excel.
    • Choose the filter criteria (e.g., “equals” or “does not equal”).
    • Set the filter value to “blank” or specify the value you want to exclude.
  3. Run your StudioX workflow.

  4. The “Set Filter” activity will programmatically uncheck the blank data in the pivot filter.

Thanks & Cheers!!!

Hi @Kartheek_Battu

this is the sample image of pivot filter “does not equal to is not available in pivot filter”


Please try the above


Hi sorry for the late notice…

I already tried it but it checks the current row.
displays the data per current row.

the automation must uncheck the “blank” in the pivot filter.


If you dont clear the filter and use for each row ideally it should check all the data and not inly one

Can you please confirm the same


this is the output of the filter