Excel operations in orchestrator

I have a base excel template, which needs to be accessed by two of Bots at same time while processing.
Can we save the excel somewhere in Orchestrator and use it parallely in my processes.

You can write the Excel file to a queue, but it cannot be worked on in parallel, as one bot will have a different copy from another bot. You can store a changed file to the queue for a bot to access later, but the changes will not be made simultaneously.

However, you can read the data as a byte array using the method below and pass that as SpecificContent to the queue. You will need to use ReadAllBytes to get the data into the queue; then WriteAllBytes to read the data from the queue and write it to a location on the disk so you can open the file.

Just save the file to a network drive, if you only need read operations, then mark as read only in excel scope, if you really need to read/write, then consider saving the file somewhere it allow for parallel operations, like google sheets, sharepoint etc…

yeah, but in our case its a macro file, that needs to be accessed. Not sure on how Google Sheets work. Long back i have heard excel can be stored in Orchestrator and be retrieved for processing. not sure whether it is right, may be i’m wrong.

There is no support for binary files as Assets in Orchestrator… Also even if there were, you would not be able to manipulate it concurrently…

okay got it.
Correct me if am wrong in my understand.

Conclusion, No files can be saved in Orchestrator for processing it in scripts.

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have a look on this post. Maybe it gives you some options for further researches

as @ppr mentioned we can use onedrive to access the same file simultaneously but the excel must be accessed with office365
but with respect to your concern we wont be able to save the file in orchestrator, rather we can save the data in it as a queue
still as you say you want to run at the same time, we might sometime face rpc server issue as we are trying to access the excel simultaneously

so we can let the bot to access from our machine through onedrive and not with orchestrator.

Cheers @cscrpa002