Excel operation state

while I’m retrieving data from excel im getting data but like this

instead like this but i want only [{26},{38},{and so on}]
i don’t want anything else

thanks advanced

May I know how the data is actually in Excel

yeah sure

in this format :point_up:

Apply this regex “(?<=:)\d{0,}” on your expression.

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how and where should i apply ?

Hi @Mayur_Pawar

What is your logic? Are you trying to fetch “B” column values?

as i showed above excel snap i trying to get data in json format and im getting that but the format in which i want is

like this i want only value 26,38,74 etc like that @aanandsanraj

Hi @Mayur_Pawar
Click on Matches of Configure Regular Expression and then give the expression

Ashwin S

The result is getting with datatable column header. Try the below code without header
JsonConvert.SerializeObject(dt.AsEnumerable().[Select](Function(x) x("ColumnName").ToString()).ToList())

Apply regex for this output,

what can be regex for this ?

Check this post,

Check this regex manually in the below site,

should i use configure regular expression activity ? if yes where should i put this regex ?

i tried but not able to achieved can anyone help ?
thanks advanced


can i share my workflow ? @Manish540

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Okay send the Workflow.

Did you try this?

yeah but not worked…