Excel merge cell and delete empty row

Hai Every one i have a small issue any

one can help me

please see below excel i want to merge both cell values
For example like “Cpvc Pipes Mix Size” this one cell value below cell value"3/4" both cells i wanted to merge and also delete the"3/4"entire row



Check as below for your reference

Hope this may help you


sorry @Srini84 this video will not help

my requirement is to concatenates two cell value and my expected output is like this“Cpvc Pipes Mix Size 3/4”


Use If condition Dt.Rows(Index).Item(0).ToString = 3/4

Then Assign Dt.Rows(Index+1).Item(0).ToString = Dt.Rows(Index).Item(0).ToString + Dt.Rows(Index+1).Item(0).toString

use Remove data row activity to remove the row

Try this once and let us know


Thanku for giveing information @Srini84 But not Only one row sir ,we have to concatenates remaining rows also that time how should i do

Hi @Shiva_Kumar1 !
To do it in all the rows, you need to:

  • use read range activity without checking add headers, stock the output as a variable (let’s call it DT)
  • create a list(of string) and initialize it (new List(of String))
  • use foreach row activity, loop through DT
  • inside the foreach row, use assign activity, and inside assign use the code that has given @Srini84
  • inside the foreach row, add to collection the row inside the list
  • outside of the foreach row, use a foreach to loop inside the list and use remove datarow activity to remove problematic rows in DT
  • finally, write range DT without checking add headers, with starting cell A1

Share your excel file so we develop togother: it will be easier :slight_smile:

ok give me your mail id

Don’t need mail id: you can share here the file in the topic like below green element:

If it’s sensitive data, create some dummy data and share it here

Hi @Shiva_Kumar1

U can concept of classifying rows as odd or even then do the logic part

I had done a sample workflow for you
process1.zip (1.7 MB)

Check and let me know if it works for u

Nived N
Happy Automation

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ok test.xlsx (9.9 KB)

@NIVED_NAMBIAR you did very well but some time This odd even will not work in some cases such as data is present in same row

Hi @Shiva_Kumar1
i am not cleared, but data is present like this na , at rowindex 1,3,5,etc like that

Hi @Srini84 ,

To merge the cell , take a look on this.

Thank you

Thanku @balupad14 i got it

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Thanku @NIVED_NAMBIAR It Worked


Great ! Don’t forget to mark your topic as solved to we don’t run into it while focusing on unresolved topics :wink:


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