Excel Macro in VBA

Hy, is it possible to run an RPA in UiPath from Microsoft Excel using VBA?

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We can call orchestrator api so that uipath bot gets triggered

But not sure with excel as I haven’t tried it
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Hi @William_Blech_Sister

Check this


I do not want to run a Excel Macro from UiPath, I want to do the other way round. I want to run UiPath from Excel VBA

Thanks, can you provide an example?

hi @William_Blech_Sister
Use invoke vba activity

Sub sbVBA_To_Open_Workbook()
Dim wb As Workbook
Set wb = Workbooks.Open(“C:\temp\test.xlsx”)
End Sub

ashwin S

Sorry, I think I was missunderstood.
Let me just explain myself better. I have developed an Application using MS Excel & Access using VBA and Custom Menus. It is part of my process to extract data from SAP ERP and upload this data to the Application. I have build an RPA using UiPath to run this process. What I want to do is call this RPA from this Application in Excel, is it clearer now what I want to do?

did you have a solution for this? kinda need the same.

HY @Joao_Sousa, welcome to the UiPath Community.

Unfortunatlly problem still unsolved. The is no Native UiPath component to do that.