Excel : Insert Data Into Row Automatically

Hello all,

I need some suggestions about the excel file, I need to update the exchange rate data everyday in this template. So, this is the template that I want to insert the data everyday.

Can I know how to insert the data by row automatically using the RPA? Thank you.

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You can use the Append Range activity in an Excel Scope or a Workbook > Append Range activity.

It it possible to insert different data row by row using Append Range activity?


  1. Read excel using read range activity - output is DT1
  2. then find the row based on your current date to update like below using assign activity.
    DT1.select(“Date = '”+now.tostring(“dd-MM-yyyy”)+"’ and Day =’"+now.DayOfWeek+"")(0)(“1 USD”) = value
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I still not clear :sweat_smile: Do you have any example?

Yes. As long as it has the same columns.