Excel input for “Type Into”


Is it possible to have an input from excel spreadsheet in the Type Into activity?

I have a dropdown list on a website and would like Uipath to select based on a cell from excel spreadsheet. Is that possible??

Can somebody help please?

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@Kellyhanz yes it’s possible download Zip file for reference

Hi Buddy @Kellyhanz

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yes ofcourse thats possible
we can get the value from the excel and mention that in type into activity like this
–use excel application scope and pass the file path as input
–use read range activity and get the output from read range activity as a variable of type datatable
–use a for each row loop and pass the variable obtained from the above activity
–inside the for each row loop use open browser activity and mention the url of the web page you want and inside that activity use a type into activity as you wish and mention like this and if you want to pass the value from column C from the excel
syntax : row(“yournamecolumnname”).ToString
row(“Column C”).ToString
Thats all buddy you are don…this would type the value from each row one by one from the column c

Kindly try this and let know buddy
Cheers @Kellyhanz

@Palaniyappan Thank you for the fast reply!

I am really a noobie here.
I have tried your method, but i encountered an error on DataTable (see below).

Is it because i need to create/build this DataTable somewhere? If yes, how shld i do it?


Hi!! Anybody help pls??

Hi Kelly…I hope you managed to sort this one out. Define scope of the variable in the right sequence.