Excel in sequence

how to set this excel in sequence according to the date feb then march april

i am adding data daily with current data and want that to current date at the end of it

data.xlsx (8.8 KB)

Read the excel with read range , use sort datatable activity to sort the datatable to acending order and then rewrite the datatable to same excel



Give the column index and order type

muhamed fasil

Hi @manoj_verma1 ,

With a Linq Approach we can have the Following Expression in an Assign Activity which will order the Rows According to the Date values :

DT= DT.AsEnumerable.OrderBy(Function(x)CDate(Split(x("Date").ToString,".")(0).Trim)).CopyToDatatable

Here DT is the Datatable variable that contains the Data of the Excel Sheet.

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how to pick file name as 24-Feb-22 in ascending order from a folder

@manoj_verma1 , I am not quite sure I understand your Question.

Do you want to Select the 24-Feb-22 value meaning this value is provided as an Input ?

But again what does “in ascending order” mean ?

actually i have a folder where i have files date like 24-Feb-22 in want to pick them in ascending order i.e 24 then 25 …

@manoj_verma1 , In that case, Are you using the Excel that you have provided to us ?

I would say even without the Excel, we can fetch the files in the Order as Required like below if we know the Folder Path where the files are present :

filePaths = Directory.GetFiles("YourFolderPath","*.xlsx").OrderBy(Function(x)CDate(Split(x.ToString,".")(0).Trim)).ToArray

Here filePaths is an Array of String type variable, which will have the file paths in the ascending order of the dates in their file names.

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