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In the excel sheet suppose the cell A1= “Yes” and cell A2= “Yes” i want to write A4=" Yes". If it is A1=“Yes” and A2=“No” then i want to write A4=“No”. How do i do it ?

You can use Read cell activity and read both the cell and use if condition and then you can use write cell activity



You can achieve it in multiple ways :

Using Read Cell :
Use Read cell and read the values from cell A1, A2, store it in 2 String variables StrA & StrB.
Use write cell and in Cell content write If ((StrA = “Yes” And StrB = “Yes”),“Yes”, If ((StrA = “Yes” And StrB = “No”),“No”,“”))


Thank you @rohith.prabhu and @Rounak_Kumar1

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