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how do you seperate multiple email address on excel ? I am trying to create a distribution list

Hello @mma
Can separate the email by using the desired delimiter. using Split string
For Example,


YourMail.Split(",")(0).tostring  ----> xyz@mail.com
YourMail.Split(",")(1).tostring  ----->abc@mail.com

If Need to seperate from the Text, use Regex


Hi @mma ,

Could you let us know more on how the data is arranged and how the emails are present ? If you could also provide the Expected Output for a Sample Input, we should be able to provide you with the proper suggestion.

Also, take a look at the email regex present in the Matches activity, which should be able to find the emails present in a text.

Hi @mma

You can use the Split

  1. Read the cell that contains multiple email addresses.
  2. Use the Split function to split the email addresses into an array.
  3. Loop through the array and write each email address to a separate cell.

Here’s an example of how you can use the Split

emailAddresses = "email1@example.com,email3@example.com,email3@example.com"
emailArray = emailAddresses.Split(","c)


where will I put this on the excel sheet ?

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