Excel headers using build data table activity

Does anyone know how to create headers using build data table activity?

Hy @vishal.jyoti_cs15,

  • Use the ‘Build Data Table’ Activity to create a data table.
  • Use ‘Add Row’ Activity to add new rows to the data table
  • Use the Write Range Activity to print data to the excel, inside an Excel Application Scope

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but its not writing the headers into the excel sheet.

use add header when writing to excel with write range

Hy @vishal.jyoti_cs15

In the Write Range there is an Option “Add Headers” , make sure it is checked! Almost there :slight_smile:

Alternative you can create build data with header as first row. And use this data table in write range activity of excel. This will create excel file with headers.

Its working but in the next cell “TableName” is also written.
How to remove that.

Hy @vishal.jyoti_cs15, I did not uderstand you, what do you mean?

You want to print just the header and not the text? If so please check the “Delete Range” Activity

@vishal.jyoti_cs15 while using build data table activity remove the first row by clicking cross button, it is a by default row added by uipath.

first I only want the headers to be written and then after some automation I will write my data.
I was saying that using “write range activity” the headers are printed in the excel sheet but in the next row “TableName” also gets printed.

@vishal.jyoti_cs15 can you please share screenshot of a file? Are you adding row by using Add data row activity?

I have resolved the issue.

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