Excel has duplicate Header columns unable to read it using Read Range Activities

Hi Team,

I have an excel which contains duplicate header column’s due that unable read the excel .We need to delete/rename them and get specific column data .
In below screen shot F and G are duplicate header’s.
I need only Sta. row value every time it will be on same position .

Example .

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Hi @Thumu_Suresh

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You can try with read range activity

In the Range → You can use specific range "J1"



A sample in the following post will help you.


Uncheck the headers property of read range. You can either start the range at A1 and the column names will be row 1 in your datatable, or you can just start at A2 and ignore the column names altogether.

Sequence.xaml (10.3 KB)

use the attached sequence.xaml

Hi Sanjit ,

It is working for renaming the columns but how can i get the specific column data.

I need value in Valcl column .only one specific column data .

you mean you want only that column from the whole datatable ?

I need the value 3100

will you have only 1 row in the datatable always?

Yes ,every time one column.