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I have a one excel form. I have to add details to it with multiple different customer,So how can i save that file without saving original one? Everytime i needs to fill details to that form again with different customer
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HI @pravin_bindage

Do like this

  • Use that excel file as template and save them some where else in the project folder
  • Move that template excel file to another folder with the unique name and fill them with the details.
  • In next iteration move the same template to that specific folder with new unique name and then enter the details in that file


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First Copy that file then paste in different location & after adding details to form save that file & repeat this process for each one Like this?

Yes exactly @pravin_bindage

Your master file will as template in some other folder you need to Copythat file in some specific folder with the unique name and then fill the data there and like wise for all the iterations

Hello @pravin_bindage
try this

  1. Use the Specific Excel form as a Template and keep it in the template folder
  2. Use Copy file activity and pass the template folder, destination as some working folder with customername.xlsx
  3. Now you can fill the data save in the desired location. or move it by using the move activity.
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