Excel File Name

Hello Guys,

I have an Excel file with name Sample Excel.

I want to change the File name to Current Date, means if iam running today it should name todays date.

If iam running it on tomorrow it should name tomorrows date.

I used a code like this but it is showing error.

Error Message :-1


So does anyone have the solution.

Hi @Gokul_Murali ,
To understand more about the error being faced inside the Invoke Code, try using Try Catch Block inside it.

We would require to handle the Exceptions inside Invoke Code Activity to be able to understand where/what was the exact error.

Also, let us know what does the Current_Date value contain. If you are using \ OR / in the Current_Date value, it would result in an error as a file name cannot contain these characters.

I have identified the error, used / in current date variable.