Excel - executing commands stored in cells


is it possible to store a command into a cell e.g. A2 = Now.ToString("dd.MM.yyyy) and then read this value with UiPath and get real time as a variable?

yah ofcourse thats how we do when getting input from CONFIG file
Cheers @mario

@Palaniyappan and @mario I don’t think this is possible. You will simply get a string value of "Now.ToString(“dd.MM.yyyy)”, it will not come through as a datetime.

It seems like what you’re trying to do is execute stored procedures/functions based on flags in excel. If so, then you can do as @Palaniyappan says and have flags in your config file. When true, execute the stored procedure (in your example, this is to get a string for todays date in dd.MM.yyyy format) within your code.

It did not work when I used Read Cell activity. I got the exact output as the input.


You need to use write cell activity to write the formula in the excel sheet and the formula is =Now() which will give you the value. Then you need to use read cell activity to get that value.

Instead of that, we have VB expressions to get the date or time in the required format. Why don’t you use those?