Excel error as "The permission file were updated you no longer have right to view file. if you previously made changes to this file, they may not be saved"

Hi Guys… while developing excel automation, i am getting popup as “The permission file were updated you no longer have right to view file. if you previously made changes to this file, they may not be saved” i tried all properties in modern excel activities. even classic activities also throwing same error.
if i click okay and retry, it will continue until same error. here how can resolve this issue.


Hi @Vijay_0815

  1. It generally occurs when you dont have access to open the Excel file.
  2. Once check- is the excel is protected with a “Password”, if It it is protected with PW give the PW
    details in properties

Hello @Vijay_0815

  1. Check File Permissions: Ensure the automation account has read and write permissions.
  2. Close Excel Instances: Close any existing Excel instances before running automation.
  3. Introduce Delays: Add delays to allow time between actions in your workflow.
  4. Use “Kill Process” Activity: Terminate any lingering Excel processes before starting automation.
  5. Update/Repair Excel: Ensure Excel is correctly installed and consider updating or repairing the installation.
  6. Try Different Activity Versions: Switch between modern and classic Excel activities.
  7. Review Recent Changes: Check for recent changes in file permissions or attributes.
  8. Check Concurrent Access: Ensure the Excel file is not being modified by another user or process.

Thanks & Cheers!!!

Those files don’t have passwords. if i open manually its opening without any restrictions.

Thanks for detail reply.
I have 100+ excel files from different clients, 90% excels running good but 10% files only getting this error even that file was not opened.


  1. File Check: Verify if the Excel files are corrupted or in an incompatible format.
  2. Permissions: Ensure your automation account has the necessary file access permissions.
  3. Security Software: Temporarily disable antivirus/security software, as it might interfere.
  4. Excel Add-ins: Disable unnecessary Excel add-ins to rule out conflicts.
  5. Instance Management: Confirm proper Excel instance management in your automation.
  6. Update UiPath Packages: Ensure you’re using the latest UiPath.Excel.Activities package.
  7. Logging: Implement detailed logging to identify the specific error or activity causing the issue.

Hi @Vijay_0815 ,
Have you tried open it by manual
I think robot user in this PC not have role access open file

i can open and edit those files in manually but i got error only while running through the robot.

have you tried kill all process excel before run robot
I think file open and edit before excute robot process

It’s happening because of external link in the file. if you break link it should work fine.

My concern is there any way to do it without breaking links

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